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Entering Slot Quantity

We understand that entering the correct number wanted for any given item on a sign up is critical to the success of your sign up.

To improve the ability for the sign up to load effectively, there must be a specific quantity entered for any given slot.  Entering unlimited for the number wanted is no longer available.  

When duplicating or editing a sign up that has been used previously, you may receive an error message related to exceeding the slot quantity limit. When that error message occurs, the solution can be found on the Slots tab. 

From your account page, click the Created tab to locate the sign up. Select the pencil icon to the right of the sign up you wish to edit. Go to the Slots tab.  

Locate any slot with unlimited assigned as the number wanted. Click the pencil icon next to the slot title and choose Edit this slot only. In the Number Wanted field, use the dropdown arrow to select a number 1-20 or choose Enter Quantity to manually enter the number wanted for that slot entry. Click Save to update the number wanted for this slot. Any other slots with an unlimited quantity can be edited in the same way.  

When you create new sign ups, the unlimited option is no longer available.