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Update Time Zone Settings

The default time zone we’ve selected for you isn’t right? No problem. We can send you back to the future … or past. We just need to find our Delorean. 

While we look, we can tell you how to update the time zone on your account. 

When you log in, click the circle with your initials or picture and select “Settings.” Choose the tab labeled “Other,” and from there you can select the proper time zone for your account. Remember to select “Update Settings” to save your changes. 

If you only want to change the time zone for a specific sign up that you created, locate the sign up on your account Sign Ups page. Click the pencil icon to the right of the sign up and go to "Step 3: Dates and Times." Click the orange underlined link to the right of the “Start Time” to choose the correct time zone. 

Take that, Doc Brown. We don’t need a cool car to time travel.