FAQs / Managing / Add People to a Sign Up

Add People to a Sign Up

As the creator of a sign up, you can add participants by following these simple steps. 

  • Log into your account and click the sign up you wish to edit from the Created tab on your account Sign Ups page.
  • Click the Add/Edit/Delete People button from the Toolbar at the top of the sign up.

  • Click the Sign Someone Up button. If you are using the RSVP format, select RSVP for Someone.
  • You can then choose to add someone from your group or add a new person.

How to Add from a Group:

  • Click on the button labeled Select a Person from My Groups. A pop-up box will appear.
  • Select the appropriate group from the list of drop-down options, then check the box next to the email of the person you want to add to the sign up.
  • Click the Add Items button. 
  • Choose which items you'd like to sign the person up for and click the Submit & Continue button at the bottom of the page.
 How to Add a New Person:

  • Click the Add New Person tab and enter the first name, last name and email address. If the person does not have an email address, you can leave that field blank.
  • Click the Add Items button.  
  • Select each item you would like to sign that person up for. Then click the Submit & Continue button at the bottom of the page. 

  • You will now see a table listing the item(s) you are signing that person up for. You may choose to send an email to the participant.
  • Click the Save & Finish button or Save & Add Another Person.