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Invite People to Sign Up

Have you considered walking over to their houses and talking to each person like people used to do before all this new-fangled technology? Too much work, huh? 

There are several options for sending invitations for a sign up.  

Send Invites as a Part of the Sign Up Creation Process

You can enter the individual email addresses in Step 7: Invite and we will send the invites for you. Email addresses can be entered manually or uploaded from most email address books. After the sign up is published, you can invite additional people by logging in, viewing your sign up and clicking "Send a Message" from the Admin's Toolbar at the top of the page. 

Send Invites from your own Email Provider

If you don't want to send emails via the SignUpGenius site, you have the option to publish the sign up without entering any emails and send the invitation from your own email program. After you publish your sign up, you will be given the web address of the sign up to send. You can also retrieve the sign up link at any time by logging into your account, viewing the sign up and copying the address from your web browser. Simply paste that link into your own email program and send the link to others. 

Share Your Sign Up Link on Social Media

After you have published your sign up, the system will generate a unique link to your sign up page. You can copy the link and post it on Facebook or other social media sites.  

Create a Web Button and Place it on your Group’s Website

We offer a "Web Button" builder that you can use to embed a button on your own site that links to your sign up. After your sign up is published, you can log into our site, click the Tools icon on the left side of your account Sign Ups page, and scroll down to the "Web Button Builder." Click to choose from several options and follow the instruction on the page to add the button to your site. 

We also offer a Back to Website button with our Gold and Platinum plans. This way, you can direct users back to your website once they sign up.