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Manage Paused Messages

When you view the dashboard from the Messages area of your account, you may notice that an email you are sending has been paused.  Our staff reviews paused emails to prevent unwanted spam from being sent via our website. 

To protect the integrity of our business, we must be careful that the emails being sent are expected by the intended recipients. If the people in the group are loosely connected to the event, they may complain to their email provider about the emails they are receiving from our site. SignUpGenius can then be considered a spammer by internet service providers and our emails will be blocked across the board for everyone that uses our service. Obviously, this is detrimental to our business. 

While waiting for the message to be reviewed, it is not necessary to attempt to send the message again.  Additional attempts to send the message will be paused as well which could potentially result in sending multiple messages to your group. Our Support Team works to quickly review and approve messages that are paused. If you have questions about a specific paused email, please contact the Support Team here.