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New Sign Up Builder Creating

Add a custom image

All creators have the option to customize a sign up by uploading an image and using that image with one of the stock background themes offered by SignUpGenius.  

  • When you begin creating the sign up, from the Design tab you will see the Theme Design header and the theme filter is set to show All designs.  Click the filter and select Free. These are the background designs available for adding a custom image. If you are looking for a specific background color, enter the color into the Theme Design Search field to narrow the options. Click a design thumbnail to select. Now you are ready to upload your image.
  • To upload an image, click the image icon in the lower left corner of the design.
  • Once you've added an image, you can easily select different designs from the theme design thumbnails to see how the image will look with different background options.
  • Premium subscribers also have the ability to customize any theme (premium or free) by clicking Customize beneath the thumbnail. Learn More
If you are editing an existing sign up, where you have already selected a theme, click the pencil icon next to the theme design title to view other options.

Add New Dates and Times

If you need to add additional dates and times to a sign up you created, follow these steps:

  • Log into your account and click the Created tab. Select the pencil icon to the right of the sign up you wish to edit.
  • Go to the Slots tab. If your sign up is categorized as Slots Only or RSVP, change the format in the top left corner to Sort by Date or Sort by Slot to add multiple dates and/or times.
  • Click the Add Dates button. After entering new dates/times, use the Assign these dates/times to drop down to assign slots.
  • If you intend to create a new slot to assign to these added dates/times, de-select the All available slots option so that no existing slots are selected.
  • Click the green Save button at the end of the page.
  • If you need to add a new slot to assign to these new dates/times, click the Add Slots button and you will see the field next to Number Wanted to assign the slot to dates/times you will select.

Create a Time Slot Sign Up

We offer a time-saving feature that allows you to quickly create a sign up with regular appointment times or shifts. 

  • Once logged into your account, click Create a sign up to get started. If you are editing an existing sign up, from your account page Created tab select the pencil icon to the right of the sign up.
  • From the Slots tab, choose to either Sort by Date or Sort by Slot. You can change this setting at any time, so no worries if you change your mind after time slots have been added.
  • Click Add Dates. Choose the Add Time Slots option.
  • If this is a one-day event, enter the same date for the beginning and ending date. 
  • If the event is more than one day, check the days of the week where time slots are needed.
  • Enter the beginning and ending time along with any increments needed (for example, every 30 minutes). The system will automatically populate the dates/times for you.  If you wish, you may add a location as well as an address.
  • Click the Add Time Slots button.
  • If you have more appointments/shifts that still need to be added, click Add Dates again and choose the Add Time Slots option.
  • Click Add Slots to create slot(s) that will be added to your dates/times. For example, if you are creating a sign up for appointments, title the slot "Appointment" with a number wanted of 1. This will allow one person to sign up for each time slot.  For a sign up where you need volunteers for different time slots, title the slot "Volunteers" and for number wanted enter the number of volunteers you want for each individual time slot.
  • Assign the slot to show for all the dates/times, or select specific dates/times for this particular slot. Save.

Update Time Zone Settings

You have the option to update your account time zone settings or you can update the time zone for individual sign ups.

  • To update your account, log in and click the circle icon that has your initials or profile picture. Select Settings and choose the Other tab.
  • To update an individual sign up, click the pencil icon to the right of the sign up title. Go to the Slots tab and click the gear icon next to the date/time header.