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Change Date on a Sign Up Page

Your event got rained out, or snowed out or you decided to binge watch Netflix and eat leftover Valentine’s candy instead of hosting a dinner party this weekend. No problem. You can edit your dates and sign up slots at any time. 

To change a date on a sign up, log into the site and from your account Sign Ups page, click the pencil icon to the right of the sign up. If you have trouble finding your sign up, make sure you are on the “Created” tab on your Sign Ups page and search for a word in the title in the search field. Once you click to edit the sign up, go to "Step 3: Dates & Times" near the top. From there, either change the date and click the “Update” button or check the edit box next to the slot you need to edit. Then, click “Edit Selected.” You will see the edit screen where you can change the date.

If your sign up has more than one date or multiple times, it’s best to edit one date/time at a time. You have the ability to edit multiple dates/times at once. However, this option must be used carefully, or you may make an unintended edit to multiple dates/times at once.

Once you’ve made your updates, you’ll see a box you can check to “Notify all people associated with this sign up.” Our system will send out the notification with your comment if you provide one.