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Create a Potluck Sign Up

You're in luck! Our system works great for potlucks.

To get started, click on the Create a Sign Up button at the top of the page. Once you are logged in, you’ll be able to go through a handful of simple steps to create your potluck sign up.  

Step 1: Enter the general details about your event.

Step 2: Choose from hundreds of sign up designs for the perfect look.

Step 3: Enter the date(s)/time(s) for your event.

Step 4: Enter your sign up items specifically like "bread rolls" or "broccoli and cheese dish,” or you can make your sign up items more generic, such as “main dish,” "side dish" and "dessert.”

Step 5: Most settings are already set to common defaults, but you can customize any. For example, under "My Comment," you can customize the name for this field, like "Dish you are bringing," to prompt responses from group members.  

All this talk about potlucks is making us hungry. Any chance you’d be willing to save one of Uncle Bill’s burgers for us?