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Why Another Blog?

I know. I know. If there’s one thing the world doesn’t need, it’s another blog, right? Your sister has one… your best friend has one… your kid has one… even your pet hamster has one. Enough already.

I can relate. I confess that I’ve been a bit of a “blog-basher” in the past… and when it comes to blogs, I’ve definitely been out of the loop (or do you say “bloop”?). One time I was leading a church prayer group and I asked our members to share prayer requests. We were going around the room sharing requests and one woman actually said to me, “Just check my blog.” I nodded politely… and then immediately wrote “blog addiction” down on the prayer request sheet.

After that night, I went out and bought a T-shirt to wear to church. It read: “More people have read this t-shirt than have read your blog.” I thought it was hilarious. And then I gave it to my wife to wear…. cause I was a little scared of what Miss Blog Addiction might do to me… even at church. Never mess with a mom and her blog.

Anyway… so why bother with this particular blog?

Well… a year and a half ago, I helped launch this fun little site It was birthed out of my own frustration in trying to plan, organize, and coordinate groups and events. I built the site primarily because I desperately needed a tool like this so I didn’t lose my own mind! But after it was built, a funny thing happened. People all over the country started using it… a lot.

It’s been fun to see it grow. And it’s been really neat to interact with users all over the country – organizing Type-A Planners, just like me – who are looking for a better way to organize their church, school, family, or sports group. I’ve enjoyed great email dialogues about possible SignUpGenius enhancements, had people ask me about sign up and event related resources, and even been sent fun stories of what people have used SignUpGenius for. The users of SignUpGenius have become a little “community of planners” to me – a brotherhood of in-the-trenches people dedicated to organizing the world.

So… Planners of the World, Unite! This blog is for you. I’ll be keeping you up to date on the latest SignUpGenius upgrades, sharing thoughts related to leading groups & events… and occasionally just rambling on technology and family-life topics that crack me up.

So check back when you can. If you’re anything like me… you’ll probably end up reading the blog on your phone while simultaneously eating dinner, driving to a church event, quizzing your kids on their homework, listening to the radio, and writing out a to-do list on the steering wheel.

And… I promise to be more interesting than your hamster.