Stanford University Museum Raises $250,000 with the Help of SignUpGenius

The Cantor Arts Center, Stanford University's only museum, is a vital and dynamic institution that was founded in 1891 with the university. In the 1950's, the need to raise funds for the museum's collections prompted volunteers to launch Treasure Market. This renowned event is an opportunity for individuals and collectors to purchase fine furniture, china, crystal, silver, books, works of art and more. 

This year Volunteer Ticket Sales Chair Janet Tang chose to simplify scheduling with the use of a SignUpGenius premium plan. We recently chatted with Janet to see how the process went:

How did you coordinate event sign ups before you found SignUpGenius? Painfully… [We coordinated] manually by phone and e-mail to schedule 350 people.

How would you rank the usability of your SignUpGenius premium plan? What feedback have you received from others? I have received positive responses from everyone, even the individuals that are not tech-savvy.

How has utilizing the site affected your life as an organizer?  It has saved me so much time! I just set up the schedule on the site and did not have to do much of anything. I did have to help some people sign up (ones without computers or problems with computers), change time slots, or cancel sign up. All those special attention requests were less than 10, out of 350. I was happy.

Which features of the site have been most useful to you? I was able to easily create a complicated schedule and most importantly, I can have the volunteers e-mail addresses for future contact.

How did using SignUpGenius have an impact on the people/group with whom you work?  All the department chairs thought that I was such a techy person because everything they requested I was able to say yes, I can do it. Your site was so easy to manage.

What would you like to tell others who are thinking about using  It will save so much of your time. 

The Treasure Market will net $250,000 this year alone. Find out more about how SignUpGenius can help you with your next fundraiser HERE.

And, if you need an advanced suite of features, be sure to check out a SignUpGenius premium plan like Tang did. You won't regret it!