SignUpGenius Helps Casting Director Coordinate Auditions  

Lights, camera, action! Brayden Hade is giving SignUpGenius a close up.  

A creative director for a Bruth Media, as well as a casting director for Ten Thirty One Productions, Hade has a lot of moving parts and people to coordinate. Not to mention that both companies are based in different cities — New York and Los Angeles — and you’ve got an organizational issue of epic proportion. 

At Ten Thirty One Productions, Hade holds auditions frequently, cycling through hundreds of actors for many different productions and roles. Before using SignUpGenius to coordinate audition slots, he was constantly rescheduling actors and dealing with cancellations. “For actors, plans change last minute all the time,” Hade says. “They may book other work, have to pick up a shift, etc.”  

SignUpGenius takes the scheduling worries off Hade’s shoulders. “With SignUpGenius, they can change their times easily, without having to worry that we won’t be able to see them. They can pick an open slot, and move themselves easily with no hassle.”  

Plus, with exported spreadsheets, Hade has a list of everyone he will see, with their emails included. 

As a creative director at Bruth Media, Hade also uses SignUpGenius for scheduling headshot sessions. SignUpGenius Payments allows actors to pay directly on the sign up, and Hade can easily contact actors to communicate information like what to wear to set.  

“It makes the whole process more laid back, and that is especially helpful when taking photos,” Hade says. “Everyone is already nervous when having his or her picture taken, so having one less thing to worry about really minimizes everyone's fear.” 

We can’t wait to see the new generation of stars that Bruth Media and Ten Thirty One Productions are going to discover. That’s genius!