Baton Rouge School Makes Scheduling a Snap with SignUpGenius 

In Louisiana, the staff members of Baton Rouge Lutheran School were feeling stressed and overworked. Parent teacher conference scheduling had gotten too complicated — the process of emailing and calling every family to schedule and confirm was out of hand. 

“Parent teacher conference scheduling has always been a nightmare for school staff. Parents phoned or not, wanted certain days and times that were not available and had to reconsider and make repeat calls. We had ‘no shows’ and ‘too many shows’ and on and on,” says Janet Schmieder, admissions counselor for the school. 

Seeking a solution, the school turned to SignUpGenius. “Having a single, tabbed, SignUpGenius form, available 24 hours a day, has eliminated all problems,” Schmieder says. In just three months, the school estimated it saved their secretary more than 350 phone calls!  

After using SignUpGenius to successfully schedule their parent teacher conferences, the school has begun to use it for admissions interviews and their new hot lunch program. “Parents see what is available for each grade, sign up and then receive an emailed reminder. It couldn’t be easier for us or them,” Schmieder says. 

Keep it up, Baton Rouge! Way to start the school year the genius way.