World-Class Chef Serves Up Cooking Competitions with SignUpGenius

san diego culinary bowl winners

For chef Mauro Rossi, cooking is even more fun with a dash of competition. Rossi helps chefs show off their culinary genius by organizing cooking competitions like the San Diego Culinary Bowl.

A member of the American Culinary Federation, Rossi plans two to three of these events a year. He counts on SignUpGenius as a key ingredient, using the tool to keep track of the competitor line up.

"SignUpGenius gives me the opportunity to post anything from location to competition rules without having the competitors do research on their own," says Rossi. "More importantly, SignUpGenius allows me to keep track of competitors' registration and/or withdrawal."

For the San Diego Culinary Bowl and every event, recruiting judges is always a priority for Rossi. The number of judges needed depends on the competitor count, and SignUpGenius helps him stay up to date.

"Having a real-time picture of the comings and goings of the competitors is vital," says Rossi.

He appreciates the selection of SignUpGenius designs to bring some style to the sign up process and the site's user-friendly features. Rossi describes SignUpGenius as "event management without the headache."

We're happy to help Rossi bring chefs together to raise their cooking game. Our team would love to volunteer for taste testing!

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