The office product I can’t live without… that makes me look like an idiot.

Everyone has that special something to help them navigate the cubicle maze and survive office life. There's a guy down the hall from me that religiously gets a Dunkin' Donuts coffee every morning. And one of the women in our office decorates every inch of her cubicle as if it was a historical family album. I even have one friend that is in love with a pen.

Now, me… I'm addicted to gloves.

When I got out of grad school, it was the height of the internet boom and I was running my own web development company. The demand for web services was insane and pulling long days and nights coding was standard. My body held up a little while… but the pain in my wrists and back soon notified me that ergonomics was key. I started trying wrist creams and special chairs and ergonomic keyboards… anything that promised relief.

That's when I discovered the SmartGlove. And you have to be desperate to try these things, because when you see them in a picture… it looks like a terribly awkward thing to wear. But not so. They actually are incredibly comfortable and instantly relieve any wrist stress from typing. There is a semi-hard foam brace that helps keep your wrist contoured properly and a palm pad that keeps your hands curved naturally for the keyboard. Typing was never this enjoyable.

I honestly won't work without these. I could, but I don't. Which is great for my wrists and productivity. The only downside is I look like a complete idiot everywhere I go. Cause I wear them at home, in coffee shops, in our office, anywhere I get on a computer. The gloves only come in black, so it always appears like I'm about to enter an intense boxing match.

About to unleash a big ol' can of kick-butt typing.Our little Skylark media team is in the corner of this big office floor and we have a lot of gadgets (cameras, editing workstations, etc.). So when someone new comes to the company next to us, the conversation usually goes like this:

"Wow… who are those people in the corner with all the cool toys? And why does their leader always look like he's getting gloved up to give me the smack down?"

Yes, I boldly endure laughs and giggles in order to advance and complete our various video projects. But we never have to worry about the safety of all our equipment. Cause everybody knows that if someone ever tries something, I'm gonna unleash a big ol' can of kick-butt typing on their head. And it won't even hurt my wrists.