Site Outage Update

On Tuesday afternoon, November 2nd of 2010, we experienced a perfect storm of circumstances that caused our site to slow and eventually go down temporarily. This is definitely not the norm for us, but it appears to have been the result of the incredible growth we've been experiencing combined with some uniquely bad timing. The problem server was restored at around 4:30 PM EST and has been running smoothly since.

We greatly apologize for this inconvenience and are doing everything we can to ensure reliability and manage our growth going forward.  In the last 4-5 months, we have had two major server upgrades and will be planning another one soon. We are expanding our technical staff and have been putting automated safety measures in place to ensure timely support response. Our company is experiencing some exciting exponential growth and we look forward to continuing to roll out new functionality and stability enhancements to make it more and more useful to our users.

Again, we greatly regret the inconvenience and frustration you may have experienced. If you would like to speak directly to us about the issue or need assistance related to your sign up, please contact us through this form.