4 Signs Your School Needs Premium Features

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Is your school a lean, mean group management machine, but with a need for better organization and communication? We have some great features to make life easier and help you streamline volunteer and event management. Here are four signs your school needs SignUpGenius premium features.

1. There are numerous sign up invites flying around from numerous creators

Give the power to the people, right? However, when sign ups start filling parent inboxes, things can get a little confusing. People are desperately searching for the online sign ups for one teacher only to find out that some teachers are doing paper sign ups and others are using SignUpGenius.

Fortunately, there is a way to stop the madness and simplify communications with our multiple admin feature. With this feature, all sign ups can be consolidated in a single account and admins can be assigned access to manage sign ups.

Sign ups created outside the account can be transferred and managed by the admins and centralized for easy access. Consolidating all the sign ups allows you to manage the account more like a platform and roll it out for the entire school. Genius Tip: Share the link to a single page that shows all your sign ups. Here, people can view all sign ups as icons and select their particular sign up. 

rugard elementary index page

2. You just sent your parents seven individual email invites for each sign up

No one likes getting bombarded with emails. Plus, it's easy to confuse sign ups, delete the wrong sign up invite or simply lose the link to the sign up you were looking for. Now, parents are calling you and asking you to resend the correct link from one of your several sign ups.

With Sign Up Tabbing, you can combine all or a particular group of sign ups into selectable tabs. This is helpful when you want to combine only the sign ups for a particular grade or classroom or all the conference sign ups. Then, you can send one link to that group of tabbed sign ups. Plus, no one will be calling you about a lost sign up link.

rugard elementary tabbed sign ups

3. People don't like the ads on the sign ups

While we strive to ensure that ads are not offensive, ads are served by third parties and generate the necessary revenue in order to provide a free version of our site.

Fortunately, we provide the ability to remove ads with all premium plans. For schools and other organizations, it's best to use the tools available on the professional version of our site. This way, your sign ups have a polished look and there's no need to worry about ads being shown. (Shew! Glad we got that one out of the way.)

Genius Tip: Boost the professional look of sign ups by creating a custom theme to match your school branding. Modify colors and add your school logo to build branded sign ups. 

4. Parents sign up or delete their sign up at the last minute

Nobody likes sign up surprises. It's never fun to have people sign up or remove themselves at the last minute without giving the creator any notice.

With our Start/Stop Date feature, you can select specific dates and times to open and close sign ups. The start date function is helpful if you need to prevent people from signing up too early. The stop date function will close the sign up at the time you select and will prevent further sign ups. This will keep people from signing up or deleting their sign up at the last minute.

parent teacher conference sign up with closed dates

There you have it — the features you need to take your sign up management to the next level for your school. Feel free to share this post with the budgeting powers that be to show the value of advanced features for your school. With streamlined communications, consolidated sign up management and array of helpful features, you'll be glad you did!

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