Sammamish Hills Lutheran Church Organizes Day of Service with SignUpGenius

In Seattle, Sammamish Hills Lutheran Church works to bring people together and make a positive impact in the community through worship, learning and lives of holy service.

SignUpGenius user Jen Mayo recently decided to create sign ups for Sammamish Hills Day of Service, empowering over 1,000 people to sign up and volunteer over the course of one day.

"This event brings together people from a variety of generations, backgrounds and faith groups to work together to build a stronger sense of community and make new friends while making a positive impact," Mayo says.

With the use of a Platinum subscription, Sammamish Hills Lutheran Church created 44 sign ups for their community-wide Day of Service and took advantage of a full range of genius tools.

Sammamish Hills Volunteers

By linking multiple sign ups with the tabbing feature, Mayo was able to manage the many Day of Service sign ups much more easily, furthering the mission of the church and bettering the community.

"The mission of this event is to build community by bringing together volunteers who may not normally work together to serve our neighbors in need," Mayo says. "One of my favorite things about SignUpGenius is how easy it is to use."

SignUpGenius is inspired by the mission of Sammamish Hills Lutheran Church to bring people together and is honored to help make their work easier.

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