SignUpGenius Joins the Pinterest Craze

Pinterest SignUpGenius pin repin social network moms organize

Ask anybody how they're doing these days, and the most common response you'll get is, "Busy!" So who needs another social network to join, right? That was our first thought when we heard about the new Pinterest craze. Once we checked it out, though, we realized what a great site it is for our core users who love to organize, share ideas, and make everything, including online sign ups, look oh so attractive.

So moving forward, whenever you create a sign up, you'll have the option to pin it to one of your Pinterest boards. And you know all of those informative planning resource articles on our site that provide you with helpful tips for coordinating school events, family get togethers, and sports activities? Yep, you can pin them, too. You can even follow SignUpGenius on Pinterest and browse through our boards for creative ideas to repin. So what are you waiting for? Let the pinning begin!