Parenting Hacks: SignUpGenius Style

mom secrets parenting hacksParenting is the hardest job you’ll ever have, so it’s not surprising we all rely on tips and tricks to get by. (And sometimes even little white lies.) 

We were inspired by these 50 Top Parenting Hacks, so the staff at SignUpGenius decided to weigh in with some of the “hacks” we’ve used through the years. 

In the helpful category: 

  • When our kids started playing sports, I moved their shoe storage containers into the garage near tubs for sports equipment. That way the extra dirt and inevitable smells never need to venture into the house, and they can easily keep track of what they need for practices and games. — Angel Rutledge, COO and CMO
  • When our girls turned 13, we set up checking accounts with debit cards and each month deposited the money we would normally budget for their clothes into their accounts. We then turned over control of their clothing purchases to them. It freed us up from having to decide whether to say yes or no to every cute pair of jeans they “needed,” and they developed the skill of prioritizing their purchases. As they mastered their clothing budgets, we added in other miscellaneous expenses, so they are gradually learning how to manage their own money. It also motivates them to babysit and get summer jobs, so they can increase their budgets and save for college. — Angel Rutledge, COO and CMO
  • Here’s a hack you wish you never knew: When an unruly and sneaky toddler colors all over your couch with red Sharpie, scrub the fabric with hand sanitizer and a clean cloth. Of course, if you can avoid letting the child find a red Sharpie in the first place, that would be even better. — Kate White, Marketing Strategist
In the "little white lies" category:

  • Whenever my daughter walked by a bubblegum machine or those little rides outside a grocery store, I would say that “It’s too bad the man isn’t here to take our money, so you can’t get any gum/a ride.” — Dottie Bedell, HR Administrator
  • I used to tell my kids that the ice cream truck was a Lullaby Truck because it used to come around 7:30 at night and played nursery rhymes, so my kids didn’t realize it carried ice cream until they were 5 and 7. It kept them from constantly begging me for $2 and kept me sane.  — Jen Kaplan, Support Analyst
  • One of my daughters thought it was fun to tickle me. I didn't mind at first, but her constant attempts to make me laugh quickly got old. One day I "confided" in her that my most ticklish spot was my earlobes. She didn't seem to notice my fake laugh whenever she tickled me there, and I was spared from her tickling me in more sensitive spots. — Betsy Lytle, Support Analyst
  • One time a relative made me a cheesecake for my birthday. I knew the kids would eat it all when I wasn’t around, so I told them it was a special recipe that involved alcohol and you could only eat it if you were over 21. — Dan Rutledge, CEO 
What tricks have you learned along your parenting journey? Put them in the comments and help all the moms and dads out!