What I've Been Up To This Month (Besides SignUpGenius)

We keep pretty busy at Skylark, the company that runs SignUpGenius.  In addition to the support and development of this website... we are also involved in film and video production.  To some people that may seem like a rather broad focus for a company.  But really -- since the internet and video media are getting closer to merging every day, it's actually pretty natural.  If it involves creativity, visual or technical expertise, and ends up getting published in some type of media... that's in our wheelhouse.  

This month we've been working on a great project for Upward Unlimited, a national Christian sports league for kids.  We're writing and directing a set of videos for use on their website (I told you things were merging) that will be viewed by about 500,000 kids in their leagues. It's a very fun project and I thought I'd show some images from our recent shoot.  We're using a green screen and some fun special effects in post.

So if you child plays in an Upward League, be sure to look for some of our videos on the Upward website this next year.  And of course... be sure to organize your team snacks, parties, and league volunteers using SignUpGenius!  I keep trying to figure out how I can include our logo somewhere in the video... but so far no luck! 

Oh... and if you don't know me... I'm the handsome guy in the black shirt.