Happy (Organized) New Year!

Getting organized is more than a goal - it's a lifestyle. Want to vow to get more organized and STAY that way in 2015? 

Here are our 5 Steps to a more Organized New Year: 

1. Say Good-bye to the Past
Gone are the days of sending reply-all emails and collecting cash payments. Check out our Evolution of Volunteer Organizing Infographic to see just how far we've come. You'll never look back! 

2. Jump Right In
The great thing about getting organized is that you can start TODAY. Read our Organization Tips and start incorporating little changes in to your day-to-day. 

3. Make it Your Own
Just like with weight loss, the same approach to an organized life won't work for everyone. If your first idea doesn't stick, try another one (or ten).  

4. Work Smart
Use SignUpGenius to take the busy work out of planning for home, church, sports or school. (With all the time you'll save, you may just find time to start up that new hobby you've been dreaming of). 

5. All Aboard!
Sometimes it's just not enough to only get yourself organized. Need to introduce SignUpGenius to your group this New Year to get everyone on the same page? Check out our full list of downloadable resources.

Wishing you a productive and organized New Year!