A Whole New Perspective: Try Calendar View!

calendar view sign up signupgenius new feature

SignUpGenius is introducing its newest feature, Calendar View, just in time to help you manage your busy schedule during the holidays.  

What’s special about it? Calendar View will change how you look at your sign ups — literally! If you’ve ever been bogged down by events that have multiple or recurring dates, Calendar View offers a solution.

One Sign Up, Two Views:

calendar view new feature sign up signupgenius

Sign up creators can set Calendar View as the default setting when participants arrive on their sign up. Users can easily switch back and forth between the new view and traditional List View at anytime. They can also sign up for a slot using either option. 

Check out these popular ways to use the Calendar View:

As your calendar starts to fill up this month, don’t stress! Calendar View gives you one more way to stay on track this season.