Back to School 2020: Make School Easier with Online Sign Ups This Year

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No doubt about it, the upcoming 2020-2021 school year is going to look a little different than what we are all used to.

Whether you are going back in person or participating remotely, you can still mobilize your group with online sign ups. Get ready to support your school online and enjoy your favorite school events while still observing important safety guidelines.

Benefits of Using SignUpGenius This School Year

SignUpGenius makes it easy to create online sign ups for school and district events and is already used by thousands of schools. Now, more than ever, SignUpGenius can be the ultimate way that you coordinate people and events.

Plus, since SignUpGenius is so easy to use and seamlessly integrates with other popular software, such as Zoom, Facebook and Gmail, you will be able to streamline your event planning and communication in no time.

Here are just some of the ways that you could use SignUpGenius to organize your upcoming school year.

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Ways for Teachers to Use Sign Ups

  • Teacher Training Scheduling - Need to train teachers in shifts? Use online sign ups to communicate all the details easily and clearly.
  • Classroom Move-in Days - Set up time slots and shift options to let teachers know when their classroom work days and times will be.
  • Teacher Breaks - Stagger teacher breaks and lunchtimes to reduce congestion in common areas.
  • Teacher Supply Donations - Teachers may want to distribute supplies that they collect differently this year. Organize this process with online sign ups.
  • Staff Meetings - Need to schedule virtual staff meetings? Send out a sign up to let teachers know all the details and even link to the Zoom meeting.
  • Staff Cohort Meetings - Do your teachers teach as a team? Share with them how to use online sign ups to plan their time together.
  • Temperature Stations - If you'll be checking student temperatures, use a sign up to organize the schedules for when and who will be running the station.
  • Mask Distribution - If your school will be giving students masks or plastic shields, you can organize time slots when staff will be handing them out and when each class needs to arrive.
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Ways for K12 Schools to Use Sign Ups

  • Tech Pick Up - Do you have virtual learners this year? Use online sign ups to schedule when families should pick up and return technology being borrowed from the school.
  • Open House Staggering - Open house night is a staple in the school year and so important for establishing a strong baseline for the year. More than likely, your open house will either be an online event or will need to be organized in smaller groups of people, so use sign ups to help organize open house nights to maximize family attendance.
  • School Lunch Shifts - If you're reducing the number of students at lunch, this will mean a change in the typical schedule for breaks and lunch. Keep volunteers or staff organized with online communication.
  • Library Shifts - You'll still want your students to have access to computers and books in the library, so use online sign ups to ensure only a certain number of students are in the library at the same time.
  • Virtual Book Fairs - Book fairs are a popular and beloved school event. Enjoy them virtually!
  • Food Donations - Support your families who are on free meal programs easily with online sign ups to let them know when and where to pick up food donations. Or, organize a meal drop-off schedule with a sign up.
online parent teacher conferences

  • Student Support Meetings - Many of the mental health and counseling resources available to students and families can still be offered via Zoom or Skype. Use online sign ups to communicate the details.
  • Parent/Teacher Conferences - Don't miss these opportunities to connect with parents and share student progress. Online scheduling makes parent/teacher conferences easy — and it's easy to set up automatic reminders, too.
  • Virtual Learning - If schools need to close again, use online sign ups to let students know their new virtual learning schedule.
  • Virtual Field Trips - Take field trips online and schedule all the details of your virtual tour with online sign ups.
  • Classroom Volunteers or Visitors - Invite mystery readers or experts to sign up to contribute to online meetings. Whether your students are in a virtual or actual classroom, they can hear from people all over the world!
  • Virtual Fundraising - You can still host fundraising events that not only raise money for your school but also bring the school community together for a common goal.
  • Carpools/Transportation - If you'd like to organize when carpools, busses, and other school transportation come and go, online sign ups keep things running smoothly.
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Ways for Colleges and Universities to Use Online Sign Ups

  • Move-in Days - Move-in days may need to be more organized than before. Stagger the arrival of students and families at different times and days by having them sign up for their slot this year.
  • Orientation - This was a large gathering before, but maybe orientation will need to be a variety of smaller groups meeting up. Use online sign ups to coordinate and communicate the details.
  • Supply Distribution - Will you be distributing masks? Will there be any supplies distributed? Cut down on how many students are in an area at the same time by using online sign ups to direct them to different locations on campus at certain times.
  • Advising - Of course students will still need the support of their academic advisors. These meetings can happen virtually, too, so set up time slots and send out the link via email this year.
  • Student Support - You can still offer mental health, job placement, and any other student support meetings online.
  • Library Use - Is your library a hot stop for studying and researching? If you'd like to limit the number of students using your library at one time, use an online sign up to organize the flow.
  • Online Instruction - Will your school offer online classes or switch from in-person classes to virtual learning if needed? Transition as seamlessly as possible with sign ups to coordinate who is attending what.
Although this school year will be different, you can still connect with classmates, coworkers and parents — and stay organized — with some creative thinking and online tools.

SignUpGenius is easy-to-use, customizable, and offers free and affordable pricing options that can work for any school, district or university.

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