Can you hear it?

Last night I was driving in the car alone… when I had one of those moments. One of those moments when God cuts through the clutter of life and sends a message. Just for me. And this one was through a song.

Now, I don't talk too much in this blog about my spiritual beliefs, because I know there are many people from all walks of life that use our site. But one thing that is common to the coordinators and organizers that utilize… is they are all leaders. Leadership is something I've been reading and thinking about and focusing on for the last year or so - and I know it is something that every event planner or church leader or teacher or sports coach that uses our site values. So whatever your spiritual beliefs are… maybe this was a message for you too.

So I'm driving in my car and a song from Sanctus Real comes on the radio that I've never heard. It's a prayer from a husband and dad, who suddenly realizes how desperate his family is for his spiritual leadership. Powerful song. And I'm sitting there and I feel like God opened my eyes to all these moments in my day that showed how much the world around me was desperately crying out for me to stand up and lead. To protect, serve, shepherd, comfort, fight for what's right - to show by example what's important in life. I could suddenly see it in my sons' eyes when I walk in the door from work and they rush to see me. I could see it in my daughter's eyes when she asked me what I thought of her outfit. I could see it in my wife, who was exhausted from the day and asked if I could be the one to pick up the kids. And then I could see it at church… when I picked up my daughter from youth group and there was a mass of wild junior highers - all acting out - trying to figure out who they should be... and looking for someone… anyone… to show them.

Can you hear it too?

Our whole world is desperate for leaders.

For followers of Christ, leading involves pointing a hurting world to the answers found in a life of faith. That was a sobering challenge for me. But even if that's not your belief… for all of us, it means recognizing the incredible responsibility that it is to be in charge of sports teams, school classrooms, small groups, and families. It is not something to be taken lightly. It is a task that requires our dedicated effort and attention.

So listen closely. Watch the faces of your group. Of your family. The cry for leadership is there.

Will you answer it?