The Leader's Creed

It's October and fall groups are in full swing. If you're a leader that spent the last month coordinating kick-offs and startup events, this might be your first chance to come up for air.

For me, each new season of activity I re-dedicate myself to better leadership. I can only hope that one day I'll actually reach the level I aspire to. This year, I was thinking about all the leadership "traps" I continually fall into. Whether leading a small group ministry, coaching kids' sports, or even leading my own family… certain "shortcuts" always tempt me.

So here's my leadership creed for the year. Will you join me and make this year different? Let's nail these principles to the Wittenberg door and start a new era of group leadership.

  1. I will arrive early for every event that I am in charge of.
  2. I will fully prepare in advance rather than rushing things together the night before.
  3. I will communicate and set proper expectations for meetings and events.
  4. I will be mindful of people's time and avoid scheduling unnecessary meetings.
  5. I will end events on time.
  6. I will plan events that take into account the current financial stress on families.
  7. I will delegate and get others involved in leadership.
  8. I will demonstrate leadership with food choices, providing healthy options and not using sugar as a performance reward for children or as a substitute for a well-planned relationship environment for adults.
  9. I will reach out to newcomers, introduce myself, and facilitate community.
  10. I will remember people's names.
  11. I will communicate the vision and purpose of the group frequently.
  12. I will appreciate and thank volunteers.
  13. I will do my best to have a diversity of gender and ethnicity in event participants and group marketing collateral.
  14. I will value the excellence of events over the quantity of events.
  15. I will work to make my group feel inclusive, not exclusive.
  16. I will not try to be a "buddy" to any children that I lead but I will demonstrate and demand a proper respect for authority.
  17. I will not "dumb down" my curriculum for children, but will challenge them to step up and use their minds.
  18. I will accept constructive criticism and adapt my leadership when things aren't working.
  19. I will not "fade off" towards the end of the season or event period, but will be dedicated to quality leadership all the way to the end.
Am I missing anything that you would add?