Inside the Genius Labs: Sam

inside the genius labs sam

Name: Sam Whitlock
Job Title: Junior QA Testing Analyst
Staff Superlative: Most likely to make a dad joke even though he is not a dad

If I could do anything for a day, I would:
There are a lot of things that I would love to do for a day. Most involve being able to sit somewhere and soak in knowledge about an area of particular interest to me. Right now, that would look like spending a day at Charlotte-Douglas International Airport, observing flight operations and asking technical questions. I've always had a huge love for aviation.

What do you enjoy most about your job?
It has to be finding a good bug. No bug is good, but some are more satisfying to find than others. A good bug is one that causes you to scratch your head and ask why it happens. Even more satisfying is when you can identify why the bug occurs. I'm smiling just thinking about it. There aren't many bugs like this though. Our team of developers does a really great job.

How have you seen SUG organizers change the world?
Lately our organizers have done an amazing job of pivoting and adjusting to the coronavirus. So many groups have leveraged SUG to making their communities safer. The groups making sign ups that address large needs sometimes get the spotlight, but there are countless HOAs, school districts, churches, and every imaginable group of people that are making sign ups that are addressing the current needs of our time. I'm always blown away by what our organizers are able to do with our site!

Of our six core values, which one stands out the most to you? How do you see people in the company embodying it?
It's difficult to pick one of our six core values as my favorite. They're all so good! Faced with the impossible task, I choose "doing excellent work in the areas that matter most." Each day, I see our company making decisions at every level that ask the question "what matters most to our users?" It is at the center of what we do and is ingrained into who we are as a company.

What's a funny story or favorite memory you have from working at SUG?
Our office recently moved, and we gained some new neighbors in the process. Not all of our neighbors are companies. We share our space with vultures. Sometimes you'll hear a tap tap tap of a vulture at the window and sometimes, they'll have their wings outstretched. It's an amazing sight, but takes some time getting used to.

What was your favorite day while working at SUG?
I enjoy every day at SUG, though most of our time together has been on Zoom these days. I'm looking forward to when the office opens back up and we can create more memories together.

Sam is such an important part of our genius culture! We appreciate his razor-sharp testing skills and dad jokes. To learn more about the rest of our team, visit our About Us page.