Inside the Genius Labs: Aly

inside the genius labs aly

Name: Aly Lowe
Job Title: UI/UX Graphic Designer
Staff Superlative: Most Likely to Win the Halloween Costume Contest (Two years in a row, baby)

If I could do anything for a day, I would:
Be an interior decorator for a client who loves bohemian & Scandinavian décor and has an unlimited budget.

What do you enjoy most about your job?
Bringing an idea to fruition! I love the brainstorming process, but for me, the fun begins when we gather the rough ideas and start to create things that give a visual voice to the SignUpGenius brand.

How have you seen SUG organizers change the world?
When there are natural disasters — and unfortunately, there have been many — the response through SignUpGenius is so swift and strong. I am always so humbled when we see literally thousands of people signing up within just days, sometimes HOURS of an event to provide needed items and services.

Of our six core values, which one stands out the most to you? How do you see people in the company embodying it?
Advance the missions of others with our success. Of all the core values, that one seems to really resonate throughout every level of our business. Internally, within our local community, among vendors, partnerships and users — we really take time to structure our relationships in a way that ensures everyone is advancing toward their goals.

What's a funny story or favorite memory you have from working at SUG?
I had been out for a few months on maternity leave and during that time, the staff had celebrated National Compliment Day. So when I walked in, there was a piece of paper on my desk with my name printed on it and all around my name were hand-written compliments from the whole staff to me. After being at home away from my work family for so long, there was no greater way to be reminded of how much they appreciated me — even when I was gone! I still have that paper hanging over my desk.

What was your favorite day while working at SUG?
My favorite day — every year — at SUG is the much-anticipated Halloween party. Many offices have Halloween parties, but few are as amazing as ours. Everyone is dressed in costume with one goal — to win. The costume contests are intensely competitive, as are the dessert and candy guessing contests and other games. Throughout the day, you might be in a meeting with Sporty Spice or Fred Flintstone…or…a giant cockroach. We have lots of fun and every year it's great to see the new staff members' faces when they realize we really weren't joking about taking Halloween VERY seriously around here.

Everyone at SignUpGenius would be lost without Aly! Plus, our site would look a lot worse, so we're thankful for her. Learn more about our team on the About Us page.