New Feature: Hide Number Wanted

If you coordinate events, volunteers, fundraisers and other gatherings, you know you need more than a “one size fit all” plan. That’s why SignUpGenius is making your sign ups more flexible than ever by introducing a new “Hide Number Wanted” option for sign up creators with Silver and above account subscriptions.    

This feature removes the display of the maximum quantity requested on sign up slots. This is particularly helpful when you have an open-ended need, such as a fundraiser with unlimited donation opportunities or an unlimited number of spots available for an online class. 

Instead of the typical way of using sign ups, where the number of available slots is visible, the ability to hide slot quantities ensures that participants only see the number of people who have already signed up. This helps to create a sense of urgency and exclusivity, encouraging potential eventgoers to sign up while making sure the overall capacity remains confidential.  

To use this feature, go to your sign up and click on the Slots tab.  

Navigate to the slot you want to edit and click the pencil icon. Under the Title and Help Comment fields, you will find a box to enter the number of people wanted for each slot. Directly below, you can click the box to hide that number. 

This feature can be used for any occasion, but is especially helpful for: 

  • Donation and fundraising sign ups where a goal is unlimited 
  • Event registrations without a set number of attendees desired 
  • Volunteer opportunities where all are welcome 
Want to see the difference for yourself? Check out this sign up before: 


And after:  

If you already have a premium plan, give this feature a try! 

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