Announcing Our Contest Winners!!

Hello everyone!  Our panel of judges has finished laughing through the entries and has now picked the winners in last month's "Funniest Kids Quote" contest!  Thanks to everyone that submitted - we hope that it provided a fun break to the end-of-school scheduling chaos!

FIRST PRIZE:  $100 Target Gift Card

At my son's 5th birthday party, he asked "Where are the Popsicles?” I told him… ”In the house, be a good boy and go get them.” 5 minutes later I noticed he gave everyone a tampon while I was grilling burgers. He said, " Daddy, what flavor are these?” 

- Tim Blesser

SECOND PRIZE:  $50 Target Gift Card

Once I had to take my little brother to my work to pick up my check. My brother was only 3 at the time and so everyone stopped to talk to us. Well when we ran into my boss who started talking to my little brother about everything and my little brother looked up at him and said "it's okay, sometimes hair sticks out of my nose too!" I felt my face turn bright RED!

- Emilee Vuksta

THIRD PRIZE:  $25 Target Gift Card

After my son's fish died, we buried it in a box in the backyard. One day, while washing dishes, I see through the window my son digging at the grave site. I called him in and asked what he was doing, he said, "I wanted to see if he left for heaven yet."

- Becky Bibeault Van Volkinburg

Honorable Mention:

I taught a 4yr. old preschool class and was greeting children and talking to parents as they arrived one morning. As I was talking to a parent a child asked me, "Are you going to have a baby?” Being overweight, I understood the question and said no, I wasn't. The child insisted and said, "You are having a baby!" to which I replied, “No, honey, I'm not, now go play.” I continued my conversation with the parent when I felt something on my leg. The child had laid down on the ground and was looking up my skirt! I quickly asked what she was doing when she replied, "I'M LOOKING FOR THE BABY!"

- Stephanie Kiser

When my daughter was 2 years old she frequently misprounced words. We were shopping in the grocery store on a Saturday, when it was nice and crowded. Suddenly she yelled out "MOMMY WE NEED MORE PORN!!!" as we passed cans of corn...... and all heads turned....

- Erin Brooks Haag

My 6 year old proclaimed that he had solved the question of where babies come from. The second I heard those words, my mind started racing with how to answer his in-depth questions he always shoots my way. I interrupted him & started saying “Baby doll, when me & Daddy fell in love, we got married, & decided we loved each other sooooo much that we wanted to make a baby. He started yelling, “EW yuck, Mommy, what are you talking about?! No one ever told you where babies come from, Mommy?!! I can't believe Mawmaw never told you where babies come from, Mom!” So, at the risk of having no clue what he was about to say, I asked him where he thought they came from. He said- (rolling his eyes) “One of my friend's at school told me all about it today… he said he heard his Mommy talking about it with one of her friends... It comes from getting a back rub or a massage. His Mommy said- That dang back rub is what started it all... nine months later baby brother arrived.”

- Lacey Moore-Lewis

I was looking through my 4 year old son's scrapbook and he says, "Mom, is that my Facebook?"

- Tara Sansom-Hayden

My 5 year old daughter, Bailey, came running downstairs with no clothes was her birthday. I told her to go back upstairs and put on clothes....she said " But Mom it is my birthday and I want to wear my birthday suit!"

- Jennifer Absher Lilly