4 Fundraising Ideas for the New Year

The arrival of a new year signifies a fresh beginning — making it a great time to embrace change and support causes that matter. It’s an excellent opportunity to leverage the power of online platforms to raise the money your organization will need throughout the rest of the year. 

These four fundraising ideas can power your fundraising efforts in the new year by leveraging SignUpGenius and Auction Frogs  

1. Gala fundraisers

Gala events are a classic way to bring communities together for a good cause — and the New Year is a perfect time to host a gala to fundraise for your organization.  

Let SignUpGenius manage donations, sponsorship, ticket sales and communication for you: 

  • Request Donations: Create a sign up where participants can register to donate items for raffles, auctions and more. Request items in each slot and set quantities so you have a variety of offerings to excite guests. 
  • Event sponsorship: Avoid phone tag and email chains by creating a sign up to collect sponsorship registration. Set Start/Stop Dates for your sign ups to give sponsors a specific window of time to sign up, and leverage LumaPay to collect sponsorship payments directly on the sign up. 
  • Ticket sales: Make it easy for participants to sign up and purchase tickets by integrating SignUpGenius payments into your sign up. Money is transferred to your bank daily. 
  • Automated Messaging: Get event details, including dress code and location, into participants’ inboxes using automated, customized confirmation messages sent after participants sign up. 
Make your organization’s fundraiser gala the event of the season by using SignUpGenius to streamline the entire event process.  

2. 5K race or fun run

Organizing a 5K race or a fun run is an engaging way to rally community support and raise funds. Participants will love getting outside after the holidays and having the opportunity to start working on their New Year’s resolutions, whether that’s being more active, supporting the causes they care about, or both! 

SignUpGenius’ versatile platform can help to orchestrate a successful and well-coordinated 5K race or fun run fundraiser with these 3 key elements: 

  • Participant management: Use a sign up to facilitate participant registration. When creating your sign up, you can include custom questions to request information such as t-shirt sizes and race selection. You can even create a QR code for event posters to allow participants to easily and quickly sign up. 
  • Volunteer coordination: SignUpGenius gives you a simple way to recruit, organize, and manage volunteers for various race-day tasks. Create slots for specific volunteer roles and send automated reminders to participants a few days before the event. 
  • Fundraising: Create opportunities for fundraising within the race, such as participant pledges and additional donation collections. 
SignUpGenius will streamline the logistics of your race, ensuring smooth management of participants, volunteers, and donations.  

3. Social media challenge

In the age of social media, creating challenges and viral trends can be an excellent way to raise funds and engage a broader audience — entirely online. Integrate SignUpGenius into your social media event for an easy way to collect donations with a seamless, secure process.  

With just a few clicks, participants can access the sign up link to donate directly from the social media post using LumaPay. Let participants decide how much they’d like to donate with the option to enter their payment amount, allowing for however much participants are able to give.  

By combining social media outreach and LumaPay's secure payment processing, these challenges can generate buzz, engage a wide audience, and drive donations for the cause. 

4. Online auctions

Online auctions have emerged as a popular and profitable way to efficiently engage donors while offering exciting items for bid. Participants with busy schedules will love being able to bid on items online even if they wouldn’t have been able to make it to a live auction. And competing for items adds an element of fun while raising more money for your cause! 

 Hosting online auctions is easy with Auction Frogs, a reliable and user-friendly platform that streamlines the entire auction process. 

When planning for your online auction with Auction Frogs, make sure you: 

  • Curate auction items: Offer a diverse range of items, from unique experiences to valuable products, catering to a wide audience. 
  • Brainstorm engagement strategies: Use Auction Frogs' features like real-time bidding, countdown timers, and mobile responsiveness to drive engagement. 
  • Build promotion for the event: Use social media, email campaigns, and word-of-mouth to create buzz and attract more participants to the auction. 
  • Allow for direct donations: Incorporate ways for participants to donate without having to participate in the auction by integrating LumaPay into your Auction Frogs auction.  
Auction Frogs simplifies the management of online auctions, ensuring an easy fundraising experience for you and your participants. 

The start of a new year offers an opportune moment to revitalize your fundraising initiatives. These four ideas can bring a fresh and successful approach to fundraising with the help of online platforms like SignUpGenius and Auction Frogs. Combine the power of technology and community engagement to make a lasting impact on causes that matter to your organization the most. 

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