Set Yourself Up for Success This Year with SignUpGenius

Children’s activities and your fall volunteer commitments can quickly take over your calendar. At SignUpGenius, we want to make your life a little simpler with our digital planning tools.  Check out some of the features we offer that can help you easily plan your schedule for the entire year. It’s genius! 

  • Calendar View - Instead of organizing your sign up so that it looks like a list of dates, switch it to a calendar format — making it easy to look at the big picture! And you can switch back to list format at any time.
  • Calendar Sync - Sync your personal commitments to your digital calendar with the click of a button, eliminating the need to add events each time you sign up.
  • Calendar Sync (Pro) – Creators can sync an entire sign up to their personal calendar, so you always know who’s volunteering. You can also provide a subscribable calendar to participants. That way, everyone knows who has carpool duty or who is taking a work shift.
  • No Accounts – Sign up participants can commit to bringing a dish to the company potluck or sign up for a volunteer shift without creating another online account. Plus, no worries about a forgotten password!
  • Tabbing (Pro) - For events that span multiple months, such as shift scheduling or long-term volunteering, you can tab your sign ups so they are all accessible via tabs from one simple web page.
  • Auto Hiding of Past Dates (Pro) – Creators can keep sign ups current by automatically hiding past days. This eliminates scrolling through your sign up and keeps the newest slots easily accessible for participants. See how!
  • Sign Up Start/Stop Dates (Pro) - Are you on a deadline? Do you have limited spots available? Set your sign up to open at a future time that you can alert your group to, so everyone has an equal chance for a spot! You can also close your sign up at a certain time.
  • Sign Up Locking by Date (Pro) - As you approach a large event, lock your sign up a few days ahead to ensure no last minute switcheroos!
  • SignUpGenius PaymentsCollect registration fees and donations, sell tickets and spirit wear or contribute to a group gift using our easy integration with PayPal.
  • NEW! Custom Reminders and Confirmations (Pro) – Our newest addition to the fall feature list allows you to create customized text for your email communications with your group. Learn more here!
 With these genius tools, you’ll be set for simple organizing this fall and beyond.