Genius Hack: Collect RSVPs with SignUpGenius

It takes smart coordination to round people up for events that call for more than a simple headcount. Want to organize a party or event? You probably need to know who can bring which dishes and supplies as well as who is attending. SignUpGenius can help with our RSVP format that lets you see who's coming — and what they're able to contribute.  

To get started, log in to your account, and begin creating your sign up. You'll be able to select the RSVP format as long as you're planning a single date event.

Select Single Date RSVP under the Slots tab. 

select RSVP potluck single date event

That will give you the ability to collect RSVPs, as well as additional information such as "Dish you're bringing." To illustrate, check out these popular types of RSVP sign ups. With this option, you can choose to only collect RSVPs or your can add slots so that participants can RSVP and select a dish to bring to the event.

That's it! No more worrying that five people will bring pumpkin pie to the work Thanksgiving potluck. Plus, you can plan for how many people to feed when you're ordering the turkey that the company is providing. 

RSVP potluck event sign up

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