Genius Hack: Manage Sign Up Slots with Quantity Limits

Are you giving away something fantastic? Need to control program size or limit volunteer opportunities? 

We give you several options for limiting quantity on your sign up. If you need to limit the number of people that can sign up for a particular slot, you'll want to read our faq that covers this.

Additionally, our Quantity Limits feature gives you the customization you need to manage your in-demand events and sign ups. We do this by giving you the option to limit the number of slots a person can sign up for. It's available to paid users. 

Consider using Quantity Limits if:

  • You're giving away tickets to a special event, and participants can only claim a certain number.
  • You're offering a class and want to limit it to one session per person (so people don't grab extras for friends "just in case.")
  • You're offering a community service opportunity and want to make sure a handful of people don't sign up for too many slots.
  • You're setting up a sign up schedule for the conference room, library or computer lab and want to make sure a few people don't hog the space.
To get started, begin creating your sign up like usual in the Sign Up Builder. Once you get to the Settings tab, click Restrictions under Preferences to access this feature. 

quantity limit feature selection

From there, you can choose the number of slots a person can sign up for once the sign up is live. You can also determine if that limit is for the entire sign up or just a particular slot.  

For instance, you might want to restrict a monthly conference room sign up to three total slots per person. However, if your sign up is offering multiple volunteer opportunities on different dates, you may want to limit participants to one sign up per slot/opportunity. 

Choose Your Plan

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