Genius Hack: Build Customized Sign Up Designs

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Dreaming of designing your own sign up? You can! With SignUpGenius' easy-to-use Custom Theme Builder tool, Gold and Platinum organizers everywhere can get their Picasso on by creating unlimited custom themes.

In the new Sign Up Builder, you can customize any theme in our library by selecting the theme in the Design tab and then clicking "Customize" underneath the thumbnail. A window will pop up allowing you to edit the colors, images and layout.

new sign up builder custom themes

Still using the Classic Sign Up Builder? Get ready to dazzle your group members by following these simple steps.

Step 1: Get Started 

To find the Custom Theme Builder, log in to your premium account and click on "Tools" on the left side of your account dashboard. Under "Custom Themes," click the "+ Add Theme" button. From there, you can start from a blank template or edit one of our existing stock themes.

Step 2: Customize Your Design 

If you're creating a new theme from scratch, select "Blank Theme" and click on the "Layout" tab. You'll choose a layout based on the number of images (up to three) you want in your header. You can then pick images from a stock library or upload your own.

Next, head to the "Design" tab to adjust the background, header, button and text colors so they're just right in relation to the rest of your theme.

custom themes design builder colors palette sign ups

Once you're ready, give your new theme template a name and hit save. Voila! You just created the sleekest new sign up theme on the block. It is now saved in the "Custom Themes" section of your account.

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Step 3: Apply Your Custom Theme 

Now the exciting part — it's time to put that fancy new design to use! Start by creating a new sign up in your account or choose a published sign up to apply your new custom theme.

In Step 2 of the Classic Builder, look for the "Browse a Category" dropdown box and select "My Custom Themes" to choose one of your masterpieces. Select the theme and click the "Continue" button.

custom themes sign ups designs selections builder

You did it — your sign up is now ready to share with your group!

With this tool in your artist's palette, your sign ups will be organized AND museum-worthy. Get creative, geniuses!

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