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Recent Upgrades

Build 3.208

A good website is a bit like an iceberg. 90% of the structure is "under the water" where you don't see it. We've been going deep lately... working on the kind of enhancements that you may not notice... but that make a significant difference.

This week we rolled out a major overhaul of the email system for sign up invitations and bulk emails. It functions nearly the same - but performance and scalability has been greatly enhanced. If you've ever created a very large sign up at our site (with hundreds or thousands of people) then you know that in the past adding large groups of emails into our system took quite a bit of time. We even had to request in the past that users with thousands of emails enter their emails in batches to help with performance and avoid timeout errors. Sending a bulk email to a group of thousands also took a great deal of patience.

Say goodbye to delay. The new system is setup so that very large groups of emails can be added to our site instantly. Bulk emails sent to huge groups are carefully cued and the sending is spaced out to provide maximum performance. As the sign up creator, you will receive a confirmation email once all your emails are sent to your group! In addition, we've added a number of safety features in place to make sure that your users don't ever receive duplicate emails from an accidental re-submission of the page.

Bottom line - if you work with a church, school, sports league, or organization with thousands of users... our system is now even better able to help you organize your events!