Everyone Enjoys a New Back-to-School Look

New Themes

Why let your kids have all the fun with the latest and greatest in school wear this fall? You deserve a fresh NEW LOOK for Back-to-School season, too! SignUpGenius has you "covered" with 75 brand new sign up themes to make your volunteer and event planning look easy, breezy, BEAUTIFUL this fall. Check them out below! 

Click on the thumbnails below for a preview.

Baby Girl Cookies sign up sheet
Baby Girl Cookies - See Family Category
Back to School 2 sign up sheet
Back to School 2 - See NEW THEMES Category
Back to School 3 sign up sheet
Back to School 3 - See Education Category
Ballet III sign up sheet
Ballet III - See Arts & Media Category
Basketball IV sign up sheet
Basketball IV - See NEW THEMES Category
Bride & Groom sign up sheet
Bride & Groom - See Family Category
Cast Party sign up sheet
Cast Party - See Arts & Media Category
Chicken Soup sign up sheet
Chicken Soup - See Food Category
Cooking sign up sheet
Cooking - See Food Category
Cookout 2 sign up sheet
Cookout 2 - See Family Category
County Fair sign up sheet
County Fair - See Food Category
Cupcake sign up sheet
Cupcake - See Food Category
Debate sign up sheet
Debate - See General Category
DIY Craft sign up sheet
DIY Craft - See Clubs & Groups Category
Donations sign up sheet
Donations - See Fundraising Category
Elder Care sign up sheet
Elder Care - See Family Category
Elections sign up sheet
Elections - See Clubs & Groups Category
Elementary Kids sign up sheet
Elementary Kids - See Clubs & Groups Category
Fall Decorations sign up sheet
Fall Decorations - See Fall & Fall Holidays Category
Farmers Market sign up sheet
Farmers Market - See Clubs & Groups Category
Field Trip sign up sheet
Field Trip - See Education Category
Flu Shots sign up sheet
Flu Shots - See Business Category
Food Donations sign up sheet
Food Donations - See Clubs & Groups Category
Football 6 sign up sheet
Football 6 - See NEW THEMES Category
Frisbee sign up sheet
Frisbee - See NEW THEMES Category
Girl Party sign up sheet
Girl Party - See Family Category
Give Thanks 2 sign up sheet
Give Thanks 2 - See Fall & Fall Holidays Category
Give sign up sheet
Give - See Fundraising Category
Halloween Dinner sign up sheet
Halloween Dinner - See Fall & Fall Holidays Category
Halloween Treats 2 sign up sheet
Halloween Treats 2 - See Fall & Fall Holidays Category
Highschool Kids sign up sheet
Highschool Kids - See Clubs & Groups Category
Ice Cream 2 sign up sheet
Ice Cream 2 - See Food Category
Intergenerational sign up sheet
Intergenerational - See Clubs & Groups Category
Jack O'Lantern sign up sheet
Jack O'Lantern - See Fall & Fall Holidays Category
Jewelry Making sign up sheet
Jewelry Making - See Arts & Media Category
Mexican Food sign up sheet
Mexican Food - See Food Category
Multi Sports sign up sheet
Multi Sports - See NEW THEMES Category
Performance sign up sheet
Performance - See Arts & Media Category
Potluck 2 sign up sheet
Potluck 2 - See Family Category
Preschool Kids sign up sheet
Preschool Kids - See Education Category
Schedule sign up sheet
Schedule - See Business Category
School Desk 2 sign up sheet
School Desk 2 - See Education Category
School Grades sign up sheet
School Grades - See Education Category
School Kids 2 sign up sheet
School Kids 2 - See Education Category
School Lunch 2 sign up sheet
School Lunch 2 - See Education Category
School Supplies 2 sign up sheet
School Supplies 2 - See Education Category
Scrubs sign up sheet
Scrubs - See Business Category
Sick Care sign up sheet
Sick Care - See Family Category
Snacks IV sign up sheet
Snacks IV - See Food Category
Soccer 6 sign up sheet
Soccer 6 - See NEW THEMES Category
Teamwork sign up sheet
Teamwork - See Business Category
Happy Thanksgiving 2 sign up sheet
Happy Thanksgiving 2 - See NEW THEMES Category
Thanksgiving Dinner sign up sheet
Thanksgiving Dinner - See Fall & Fall Holidays Category
Ticket Sales sign up sheet
Ticket Sales - See Arts & Media Category
Training sign up sheet
Training - See Business Category
Trick or Treat 2 sign up sheet
Trick or Treat 2 - See Fall & Fall Holidays Category
Truth sign up sheet
Truth - See NEW THEMES Category
Volunteers IV sign up sheet
Volunteers IV - See NEW THEMES Category
Volunteers V sign up sheet
Volunteers V - See NEW THEMES Category
Volunteers VI sign up sheet
Volunteers VI - See NEW THEMES Category
Vote 2 sign up sheet
Vote 2 - See Clubs & Groups Category
Wedding Invites sign up sheet
Wedding Invites - See Family Category
Wedding Reception sign up sheet
Wedding Reception - See Family Category
Wine Tasting sign up sheet
Wine Tasting - See Food Category
Hot Dogs sign up sheet
Hot Dogs - See NEW THEMES Category
Hands Young & Old sign up sheet
Hands Young & Old - See Clubs & Groups Category
Apples to Apples sign up sheet
Apples to Apples - See Education Category
Classic sign up sheet
Classic - See General Category
Classic 2 sign up sheet
Classic 2 - See General Category
Connect the Dots sign up sheet
Connect the Dots - See General Category
Swirls sign up sheet
Swirls - See General Category
Star Spangled sign up sheet
Star Spangled - See Clubs & Groups Category
Tiny Bubbles sign up sheet
Tiny Bubbles - See General Category
Wild Thing sign up sheet
Wild Thing - See General Category
Christmas Basic sign up sheet
Christmas Basic - See General Category


Back to School Special Offer

What? A whole year of SignUpGenius Pro for as little as $99? Bargain basement prices like this won't last long. With new accessories, um, we mean, features being added all the time, you won't want to miss a deal like this. Speaking of new features, how about Volunteer Hours Reports that let you track how much time your volunteers are serving across multiple events? Watch for it August 15th.  

Back to School Giveaway

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