75 New Sign Up Themes to Freshen Your Fall Planning

Summer’s winding down, and the thought of transitioning toward a jam-packed schedule can be a little overwhelming. Luckily, we’ve got just the thing to get your fall events and activities more organized than ever.

SignUpGenius has 75 creative and cheerful new sign up themes designed for the fall and back-to-school season that are sure to put some pep in your productivity. You’ll make a great first impression to all your sign up participants, whether you’re coordinating school volunteers for the year, managing a fall concession stand or planning a work potluck.

A well-organized fall is just a couple clicks away. So, sit back and savor those last few pool days. Ahh.

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Auditions sign up sheet
Auditions - See Clubs & Groups Category
Back to School 5 sign up sheet
Back to School 5 - See Education Category
Back to School 6 sign up sheet
Back to School 6 - See Education Category
Back to School 7 sign up sheet
Back to School 7 - See Education Category
Bible Study/Small Group sign up sheet
Bible Study/Small Group - See NEW THEMES Category
Book Fair Library sign up sheet
Book Fair Library - See Education Category
Boy Scouts sign up sheet
Boy Scouts - See NEW THEMES Category
Breast Cancer Awareness sign up sheet
Breast Cancer Awareness - See NEW THEMES Category
Business Meeting 2 sign up sheet
Business Meeting 2 - See Business Category
Business Meeting 3 sign up sheet
Business Meeting 3 - See Trending Now Category
Business Meeting 4 sign up sheet
Business Meeting 4 - See Business Category
Cake sign up sheet
Cake - See Trending Now Category
Calendar 3 sign up sheet
Calendar 3 - See Trending Now Category
Campus Safety sign up sheet
Campus Safety - See Education Category
Car Pool 4 sign up sheet
Car Pool 4 - See Education Category
Carnival/Festival II sign up sheet
Carnival/Festival II - See Clubs & Groups Category
Choir Chorus sign up sheet
Choir Chorus - See Arts & Media Category
Classroom IV sign up sheet
Classroom IV - See Trending Now Category
Coat Drive sign up sheet
Coat Drive - See NEW THEMES Category
Collection Plate sign up sheet
Collection Plate - See NEW THEMES Category
College Acceptance sign up sheet
College Acceptance - See Education Category
College Explore sign up sheet
College Explore - See Trending Now Category
Concert sign up sheet
Concert - See Clubs & Groups Category
Cool Cat sign up sheet
Cool Cat - See Trending Now Category
Diwali 2 sign up sheet
Diwali 2 - See NEW THEMES Category
Donate II sign up sheet
Donate II - See Clubs & Groups Category
Election Vote sign up sheet
Election Vote - See Clubs & Groups Category
Fall Meal sign up sheet
Fall Meal - See Fall & Fall Holidays Category
Fancy Birthday sign up sheet
Fancy Birthday - See Family Category
Farm Barn sign up sheet
Farm Barn - See Trending Now Category
Game Night III sign up sheet
Game Night III - See Clubs & Groups Category
Girl Scouts III sign up sheet
Girl Scouts III - See Trending Now Category
Giving Donations sign up sheet
Giving Donations - See Clubs & Groups Category
Gymnastics 2 sign up sheet
Gymnastics 2 - See NEW THEMES Category
Halloween Party sign up sheet
Halloween Party - See Fall & Fall Holidays Category
Haunted House 2 sign up sheet
Haunted House 2 - See Fall & Fall Holidays Category
Home Sweet Home sign up sheet
Home Sweet Home - See Family Category
Homeschool sign up sheet
Homeschool - See Education Category
Join Today sign up sheet
Join Today - See Clubs & Groups Category
Lasagna sign up sheet
Lasagna - See Family Category
Macaroons sign up sheet
Macaroons - See Family Category
Martial Arts 2 sign up sheet
Martial Arts 2 - See NEW THEMES Category
Meal VI sign up sheet
Meal VI - See Family Category
Meal VII sign up sheet
Meal VII - See Family Category
Meeting III sign up sheet
Meeting III - See Business Category
Movie Night sign up sheet
Movie Night - See Arts & Media Category
Multitasking sign up sheet
Multitasking - See Education Category
Octoberfest sign up sheet
Octoberfest - See Fall & Fall Holidays Category
Orientation HR Onboarding sign up sheet
Orientation HR Onboarding - See Trending Now Category
Parking sign up sheet
Parking - See Clubs & Groups Category
Pecan Pie sign up sheet
Pecan Pie - See Fall & Fall Holidays Category
Pet Adoption sign up sheet
Pet Adoption - See Family Category
Pi Day sign up sheet
Pi Day - See Education Category
Preschool 1 sign up sheet
Preschool 1 - See Trending Now Category
Preschool 2 sign up sheet
Preschool 2 - See Education Category
Pumpkin Pie 2 sign up sheet
Pumpkin Pie 2 - See Fall & Fall Holidays Category
Pumpkin Spice sign up sheet
Pumpkin Spice - See Fall & Fall Holidays Category
Ribbon Cutting sign up sheet
Ribbon Cutting - See Business Category
Rock Climbing sign up sheet
Rock Climbing - See Clubs & Groups Category
Scholastic Bookaneer sign up sheet
Scholastic Bookaneer - See Branded Logos Category
Scholastic Hooked on a Book sign up sheet
Scholastic Hooked on a Book - See NEW THEMES Category
School Testing sign up sheet
School Testing - See Education Category
School Volunteers II sign up sheet
School Volunteers II - See Education Category
Softball III sign up sheet
Softball III - See Clubs & Groups Category
Support Group sign up sheet
Support Group - See Business Category
Swimming VII sign up sheet
Swimming VII - See Clubs & Groups Category
Tailgate 2 sign up sheet
Tailgate 2 - See Trending Now Category
Thanksgiving Modern sign up sheet
Thanksgiving Modern - See Fall & Fall Holidays Category
Travel Adventure sign up sheet
Travel Adventure - See Clubs & Groups Category
Trick or Treat 3 sign up sheet
Trick or Treat 3 - See NEW THEMES Category
Volunteer IX sign up sheet
Volunteer IX - See Trending Now Category
Volunteer VII sign up sheet
Volunteer VII - See Business Category
Volunteer VIII sign up sheet
Volunteer VIII - See Business Category
Welcome Orientation sign up sheet
Welcome Orientation - See Trending Now Category
Yoga 2 sign up sheet
Yoga 2 - See Clubs & Groups Category