Genius Hack: Manage Your Account Settings

online sign ups signupgenius manage account profile settings

You don't have to possess superpowers to get the job done. If you need to set up timing for email reminders or update your password, a few simple changes in your account settings will prove you're a real organizing hero! To the sign up control panel, Batman!

Use the Account Settings Tab to:

  • Update the account name, email or profile image.
  • Change the account password.
  • Manage notifications and email subscriptions.
  • Customize default sign up settings.
  • Change the time zone on the account.
  • Set the timing for participant reminder emails.

Getting Started with Settings

If you ever need to change any of the settings on your account, log in and click on the account profile icon in the top right corner of the screen. Then, click the "Settings" option.

online sign ups signupgenius manage account profile settings

From here, you can select from the different tabs within the settings option to make changes to your account.

online sign ups signupgenius manage account profile settings

Here's a quick rundown of each of the tabs and how to make changes within them:


In this section, you can choose the profile image that appears next to your name on sign ups as well as on your account profile. Choose between the account name initials, an uploaded photo, your Facebook image or your Gravatar image.

Add organization information to tailor the account more to you and your school, business, church, nonprofit, etc. You can fill out your organization's name, your role, type of organization and organization size.

You can also change the name and email address on the account, or add an address or phone number. Entering that information in the settings profile allows the system to prepopulate this information on any sign up requesting that information. Note: We won't sell or distribute your information.

Finally, you can select the option to merge accounts, if you have more than one account on our site and wish to merge the two accounts under one email address.

online sign ups signupgenius manage account profile settings


If you need to change or update the password on your account, you can do this here. Once you enter the new password and click "Submit" the password will be changed.


This is a handy area that allows you to manage which groups your email address is subscribed to. If you are continuously getting sign up invite emails from groups that you are no longer affiliated with, use this area to view and manage those group subscriptions.

You can also manage your settings for text message notifications, SignUpGenius newsletter email subscriptions and sign up reminder notifications in this area.

Sign Ups

If you are a sign up creator, you can manage the default settings for all of your sign ups. You can also make them a selectable option or lock them as the default choice on sign ups.

For example, if you always want reminders to be sent 3 days before the date a person signed up for, you can lock this option and it will remain the default option on all created sign ups.

online sign ups signupgenius manage account profile settings


Want to integrate sign ups with other applications? You can manage all of that in this tab. You'll see integrations with Zoom, Fundly and more online solutions. If you're an Enterprise customer, you'll have the option to sync sign ups with NonProfitEasy CRM.

signupgenius manage integrations settings nonprofiteasy crm zoom fundly


In this final tab, you can adjust the date format as it appears on sign ups, along with the default time zone that will determine times listed on sign ups.

If you create a sign up, it will default to your account's time zone. If you sign up on someone else's sign up and the time zone on their sign up is different than the one in your account, the system will convert the time to your time zone when it lists it under "Items I've Signed Up For" in your account.

Who knew that you could get so much done in one spot? It's almost like you have world-changing superpowers. Flex those powers by creating sign ups that make it easy to organize groups.

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