Genius Hack: Link a Map to Your Sign Up

linking google maps location to sign ups

Did you plan an event at a hard-to-find, top-secret location? With our handy new mapping feature, you can attach a Google Maps location to your sign up — ensuring all your participants have the secret password and know exactly where the event will take place.

Use the Mapping feature to: 

  • Search for the location address and add a Google Maps link to your sign up.
  • Save locations for future sign ups.
  • List multiple locations with a Google Maps link for each slot-specific location.

How to Add a Map Link to Your Sign Up 

Create a sign up, and when you get to the Slots tab, click the option to Add Dates. Once you add a date, select the location icon marker next to the location field.

location mapping feature

This will bring up a new window where you can select saved locations. If you are adding a new location, click the + sign and the fields will appear for adding in a new address.

google map location feature

You can select a single location or assign multiple locations to your sign up by giving each slot a separate location. Once you have added the location(s), it will appear as a link on your sign up.

location feature sign up

When participants click on the link, a Google Maps window will open and display the location of the event. Participants can click the option on the map to send information to their phone and have directions to the event location.

mapping location feature send to phone

Adding a map to your sign up is easy — plus, it makes it easy for participants to find the location. Just make sure the CIA doesn't locate your sign up. Otherwise, you'll be totally busted.

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