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Fundraising Made Easy

Did you know that SignUpGenius is a one stop shop for all of your group’s fundraising needs? That’s right! SignUpGenius maximizes the potential of every fundraiser for schools, churches, nonprofits, sports teams, and clubs. In fact, in many cases the exact same sign up you are using to organize your volunteers can be used for your fundraiser. Add SignUpGenius Payments to your sign up to collect money for capital campaigns, event registrations, ticket sales and more!

Easy to set up. Easy to sign up. Easy to collect money. It’s genius! 

Be the next Fundraising Genius
Learn more about how SignUpGenius can help with your next fundraiser, read helpful fundraising ideas and tips, and view sample sign ups HERE.

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Akins High School Band Boosters raised $70,000 in nine months by using SignUpGenius to bolster their fundraising efforts. Have you run a successful fundraiser with the help of SignUpGenius? Tell us about your experience on Facebook or in the comments below and your story may be featured right here on the Genius Blog! 

Happy Fundraising!