No More Bummer Summers

summer family fun

At last, summertime! While your kids may be shouting for joy at the thought of sunny days full of popsicles, swimming, and no school, you’re probably shuddering at the thought of melted desserts and wet swimsuits everywhere. Summer can feel overwhelming for parents, but don’t worry. SignUpGenius has the tools and ideas you need to get by.

Ideas for Summer Fun
We’ll do anything to avoid the dreaded phrase, “Mom, I’m bored!” For those days when soccer camp, ballet camp, and even camping camp are completely full, SignUpGenius has a few ways to keep kids busy.

  • Crafts – From marble racing to sand art, we have 100 summer craft ideas that are sure to have your miniature Michelangelo grinning! 
  • Snacks – The next time your kids complain they’re hungry, let them help you in making one of these 50 creative and interesting treat ideas
  • Outings – Desperate to stop the tornado of toys destroying your home? From the zoo to water gun fights, this list of 100 fun summer activities is sure to give you ideas to keep 'em busy.
  • Family Time - If you’re looking for summer activities to interest the whole family, here are 25 ideas for family night that will interest all ages! 
Staying Organized 
Figuring out who needs to go where and at what time during the summer can become quite the hassle. Fortunately, SignUpGenius has a few tricks to make this summer stress-free!

  • Summer Sports – Summer often leaves more time for sports teams! To coordinate carpools, snacks, and game/meet schedules, SignUpGenius has many sports sign up solutions.
  • Playgroups – Kids miss their friends while school’s out, so invite their playmates to get together in a simple way using this fun playgroup sign up.
  • Block Parties – Whether for the Fourth of July or just to spice up a Friday, have a potluck using the block party sign up themes
So, sit back, relax, and simplify this summer. Now, if we could just create a sign up that could get your child's summer reading project done!