The #DAN2011 Conference

I get bored sometimes. Not that I don't have enough to do. Quite the opposite. But I get tired of the same old same old work. Have you felt that way this week? Then you should have attended the #DAN2011 Conference.

A couple days ago I was doing some twitter posts for SignUpGenius when I noticed a bunch people making conference tweets. If you're familiar with Twitter, a lot of people tweet live from conferences all over the country. These people, with much more time and money than myself, are traveling to exotic places and hearing big name speakers and going to parties and tweeting to schmucks like me that are sitting in front of our computers. They all "tag" their tweets with the hashtag from their conference so others can join in the conversation.

Feeling a bit left out and bored, I just quickly typed up a tweet: 

"I'm going to hold my own conference here in my office just so I can tweet about it and not feel left out. I'll call it #DAN2011"

I thought it was pretty funny and I followed it up with a few tweets about how my conference was going (like when I gave the keynote speech... and brought myself to tears). But I had no idea what would happen. 

It caught on.

People on Twitter started asking if they could come to the #DAN2011 conference. People started spreading the word about the conference and inviting friends. People started creating "events" at the conference. Within two days, there were well over 200 tweets from people all around the country who were "attending" the conference and tagging their tweets with #DAN2011. We had official "sponsors" and coupons and even photos and videos posted. It was pretty hilarious.