SignUpGenius Gives Back at Brookstone Schools  

Working at SignUpGenius, we get to see first-hand the power of volunteers each and every day. For National Volunteer Week, we wanted to make sure we put in our fair share of work. 

That’s why we headed over to Brookstone Schools, a private Christ-centered school that serves underprivileged children in downtown Charlotte. The school enrolls about 150 students from kindergarten to eighth grade — and it’s a really inspiring place that shows the importance of giving back in the community. 

Brookstone has about 300 volunteers who handle everything from stocking snack cabinets to tutoring students. Donors contributed more than 90 percent of the school’s income last school year. 

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At SignUpGenius, we sponsor two students, and two of our employees serve as lunch buddies who meet regularly with the children to form an encouraging bond. On National Volunteer Day, the whole staff got a chance to see the impact of Brookstone. 

We toured the school, stuffed thank you letters to donors from Brookstone’s annual gala, heard stories from four middle school students about what the school has meant to them and ate lunch with students.  

The students have big plans. They want to be everything from an animator to pediatrician.  

Listen to what H’Lin — a 13-year-old whose family is from the Montagnard ethnic group in Vietnam and immigrated six years ago — had to say: 

“During my time in Brookstone, I have experienced what my dream is and what I want to be in life. A private school helped me learn more, without anyone disturbing my learning time. … I want to make a change in this family to be the first child to graduate from high school and finish college. Education is important to your career and your future. No one can stop you from learning.” 

Thank you to Brookstone Schools, its staff and volunteers for all they do to help students in our community. You truly epitomize what it means to serve.