Look Who’s Talking… about SignUpGenius

It's always a little scary when you go to the mailbox and pull out an official-looking government envelope that is addressed to you. Not that I have anything to hide… but I guess I've seen so many science fiction movies that my imagination goes a little wild. I received an official government envelope the other day at my house and I am happy to report that the letter did not involve a summons to report to Area 51 for a top-secret experimental human trial. Whew.

No, the letter was actually from North Carolina Senator Kay Hagan. Apparently she must have seen the recent article in The Washington Post, which featured SignUpGenius and talked about how it can be used to plan meals for people in need. Her letter read:

Dear Mr. Rutledge,

Congratulations on the success of your website, SignUpGenius.com. Thank you for your efforts to provide food, support and resources for families during their time of need.

Your virtual sign-up sheet allows citizens across the nation to organize their giving in a simple, effective and efficient manner. I am proud that North Carolina is able to boast such an innovative project and I encourage you to continue these endeavors. Congratulations once again.

All the best,
Kay R. Hagan

I am going to keep this letter and if the government ever does try to lock me away and run experiments on my brain, I will definitely contact Kay Hagan for assistance.

Oh - And in other news… SignUpGenius was recently featured in an article at Faith Village as one of the "Top Online Tools for Small Groups." Check out the article!

Anyways, I gotta get going... there's already an unmarked white van parked outside the office. I may have said to much...