January Closet Cleaning

Cleaning out the closetI love January. It's a great time to clean out the closets and wrap up some of those small organizational items that you couldn't get to over the busyness of the holidays. Here at SignUpGenius, we've been hard at work cleaning out our "code closet" and just released a set of small updates to the site to help with general performance and security. 

Recent Updates include:

  • An improved spam and vulgarity filter
    This filter helps protect emails that are sent to the sign up creator through the contact form on a sign up page. The same filter also now protects comments on our blog and resource articles to ensure our site is always family-friendly for browsing.
  • New safety protections in our sign up creation wizard
    The system will now automatically prevent double entries when creating dates and slots.
  • A new "Contact the Sign Up Creator" link for "access code" sign ups
    As you may know, sign up creators can choose to protect their sign ups with an access code. We added a link to the access code login page so participants have an easy way to contact the sign up creator if they lose or forget the access code. This was updated on both the main site and mobile app.
  • An upgraded WYSIWYG editor
    The sign up creation wizard includes a new version of the WYSIWYG editor that is used for creating your sign up description. This editor has better compatibility with the new Internet Explorer 11 browser.
  • An upgraded server for SignUpGenius Mobile
    The mobile app was moved up to a big monster server to provide faster performance and handle more traffic.
  • Removal of the advertising captcha
    The advertising captcha puzzle was removed from our "Find a Sign Up" and "Forgot Password" pages. We experimented with this new form of advertising during the last year, but ultimately decided to remove it based on user feedback.
Be sure to subscribe to our blog as there are lot's more updates on the way this year! The closet is out of the way, but now we're heading towards the garage. Yikes! Wish us luck.