Privacy Policy Update: All About Advertising

We've made a few changes to our privacy policy and wanted you to be aware.  

The recent updates provide clarification on the privacy of user data related to new companies that we are working with. Like many other sites, we partner with ad networks that utilize contextual marketing, which is targeted advertising based on user data like web behavior. For example, recently my wife and I were doing some searching online related to our summer vacation. Immediately afterwards, we started seeing advertising on many of the websites we visit related to discount cruises and resorts. You've probably had a similar experience on the web, and there are a number of companies and websites that make that kind of ad targeting possible.  

The critical point that concerns you as a user is that data that SignUpGenius provides an ad network or vendor is NEVER "Personally Identifiable Information" or PII data. PII data is data that can be used to identify, locate, or directly contact a person (like your email address or phone number). There are a variety of technologies that ad companies use to serve you relevant ads, but none of your important PII data is ever compromised when you visit SignUpGenius. In addition, all users have the ability to opt-out of behavioral targeting or could pay a small fee to use our sign ups without ads

For more information, please read our full Privacy Policy, which we have worked hard to make as clear as possible. And thanks so much for using SignUpGenius. 

Dan Rutledge
CEO, SignUpGenius