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New Calendar and My Account Page

Build 2.63

I haven't had time to blog this week because I've been working hard to finalize the new "My Account" page and "My Calendar" page.  We've had a number of users ask for these changes and we really wanted to make sure that the functionality took a major step forward.  I'm happy to announce that these upgrades are now live!

Actually... looking at it now, I can't believe the site made it this far without these functionalities because they just make a ton of sense.  Here's what's new:

  • You can now see a simple list of everything you signed up for on the My Account page.  No more clicking through to every sign up to see what you are responsible for.
  • Old sign ups (those with dates in the past) are now automatically archived. They are still accessible, but your My Account page conveniently shows you only the events that are taking place in the future (because we find it difficult to participate in events that have already happened!). 
  • You now have the ability to customize your view of the My Account page.  View the sign ups as icons, as a list, in a specific order, or open and close certain categories completely.  Go crazy... it's your page and you should see it how you want to!
  • Members can now view all related sign up dates in a calendar view. Sort your calendar by category and then click on each event for quick pop-up details or to link directly to the sign up.
Leave a comment below or drop us a note on the help page to let us know what you think!