The new product from Apple that cracks me up

Apple, the ultimate source of all things innovative, recently came out with a new product: The Magic Trackpad. Have you seen this? Basically... they have taken the finger-touch-pad technology that comes on many laptops and have made an accessory that you can use with a desktop to replace your mouse.

This cracks me up. Who are the people that want this device? If you have ever used a laptop with a trackpad, you know that trackpads are incredibly annoying! Most people that do a lot of work on a laptop buy a portable mouse so they don't have to use their trackpad!

But I do trust Apple.... and they always know what I should have and what I should be doing with my computer. So I guess I am going to buy a portable mouse to use with my laptop so I don't have to use the laptop's trackpad and a Magic Trackpad for my desktop so that I don't have to use the desktop's mouse. What do you think?