New Sign Up Builder Announcement from SignUpGenius

signupgenius announcement introducing a genius new way to build sign ups

It's here! A smarter, faster, easier way to build sign ups (while still keeping everything you love).

We're here to simplify your lives, and our new Sign Up Builder makes group organizing simpler than ever. Check out some of our favorite tweaks!

Streamlined steps

The new builder takes what used to be a 7-step process and whittles it down to four. There's one tab for design and one for managing slots. Plus, all of your settings are now in one spot and you can easily choose how to share your sign up!

new builder step one animation

Visual preview

As soon as you start creating a sign up, you'll be able to see a visual preview of your sign up creation in real time. See exactly what your theme looks like, how your title and description will appear and more.

Intuitive date/slot creation

Now that you can create slots and dates all at once, you'll be able to easily sort your sign up by date or slot, indicate only slots, or select an RSVP format. It's also much simpler to go back and make changes to your slots and dates, whether you need to adjust a quantity for one slot or change several dates/times.

new builder step two animation

We asked a handful of you to test out the new builder and were happy to hear that genius organizers like you were able to create sign ups just like normal, but with even more ease. Here's some of the feedback we got:

"I love it! So easy to use and I was able to create my sign up in WAY less time."

"I love this new version, it was SO fast and easy."

"I like that with this new version you get a slight preview of what your sign up will look like. With the other one you had to go through multiple steps before getting a preview. It's nice that with this new version you get to see that right up front."

"I've used Doodle Polls for when are the best times for events, and I can say I will probably use SignUpGenius more now because of how easy it is now and it looks more professional and legitimate."

Our mission at SignUpGenius is to empower people to change the world by making it simple to organize groups, and we hope this new Sign Up Builder makes your world-changing organizing even simpler.

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