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chocolate covered marshmallow treatsPlan Class Parties

31. Make parties simple and as cheap as possible. This will help to make sure you are not throwing such a grand affair that other parents won’t be able to afford to participate. 

32. Verify the school’s policy on celebrating religious and seasonal holidays before choosing activities. 

33. Don’t over do it. Rule of thumb - if it’s causing you unnecessary stress, it can probably be eliminated from the party plan. 

34. Bring everything needed for each activity, game or craft. Don’t expect craft items will be available in the classroom. A party sign up can help! SAMPLE 

35. Don’t assume pre-school siblings are welcomed. If your school doesn’t have a policy, ask the teacher if siblings are invited to classroom parties. Share this information with other parents beforehand. 

36. Have a parent assigned to take photos at the party and send a couple out to parents via email afterward. Bonus, you can forward them to yearbook staff! 

37. Adopt another teacher or staff member that doesn’t have a dedicated class (i.e. PE, art, music, or library staff). These teachers should not be forgotten on special occasions. 

38. Plan for one or two extra parent volunteers, just in case someone backs out at the last minute!

Holiday class school Christmas party volunteer sign up Birthday party celebration sign up sheet Valentines classroom party volunteer sign up

39. Your party menu should include a variety so that there are foods that appeal to everyone. Parents will appreciate healthy, filling options!  

40. Limit party food. Children really don’t need 20 different food items on their plate. It would likely end up in the waste bin.

41. Always plan on extra snacks and drinks for the teacher, assistant teacher, parent helpers, and staff who happen to pop into the party. 

42. Send a brief reminder about any class allergies a couple days prior to the party so no one forgets! 

43. It doesn’t feel like a party without some sort of treat, but you may also want to suggest healthier versions. What about pretzels dipped in chocolate instead of just chocolate! 

44. Encourage party volunteers to interact with the kids. It can be tempting to catch up with other adult friends, but make sure they each have a responsibility so they can help while they interact.  

45. Make arrangements with the teacher to have the classroom available for set up. Plan on 30 minutes before the party starts. 

46. If you plan for a goody bag or party favor, keep it simple. The kids don’t need extra junk food and useless toys. How about a craft that they can take home? 

47. Choose a seasonal or holiday-related book to read to younger ones. Older kids may enjoy a poem or learning some historical facts about the holiday.

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Thank you for creating this wonderful service. We just used it for my son's 2nd grade class party and it worked GREAT! I'm looking forward to using it for all of our snack schedules also.
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